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segunda-feira, 15 de novembro de 2021

textos de alunos: "Take a minute, take five"

Desta feita, o texto publicado é da autoria do Hugo Nunes, aluno do 10º D. *

The World around us          


Do you know how a QUEER teenager feels about fitting in among friends and society? Let’s talk about that. All over Portugal, and in every school, QUEER teenagers struggle with high levels of low self-esteem, they suffer from social anxiety, they think they’re “weird”, they believe they need to “follow” society and just fall in love with the opposite gender, they think they are the problem, they wish they were dead, they are ashamed of themselves… Can you imagine having these issues/insecurities every single time in your brain? Take a look at this news headline by Público:

As you can see above, most of teenagers feel insecure in schools because of their sexuality, they have problems fitting in. This is terrible, in our schools the problems about “fitting in” are huge. The social anxiety around classmates and people in general is extremely difficult to deal with, the feeling of not being “accepted” by others is terrible. Can you imagine dealing with all these problems every day? Do you want to know what you could do if you’d like to help a QUEER teenager? Here are some ideas:

-          Whenever you perceive any kind of discrimination, take a stand against it. If you see some kind of discrimination and you don’t intervene, you are supporting the wrong people.

-          Learn some LGBTQIA+ issues. If you want to learn any of the LGBT meanings, ask a QUEER person, they will absolutely answer you without any doubt.

-          Support your LGBTQIA+ friends, try to “spread the word” that they are safe around you and they can be themselves when they are with you.

-          Disclose and support works by LGBTQIA+ people.

-          Do not confuse sexual orientation with gender identity, they are completely different.

We all need each other, even QUEER people. Let’s try to help others and make them feel good within our generation 😊.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               texto de Hugo Nunes, aluno do 10º D
 cortesia do envio de Constância Silva, docente de Inglês

*  Post editado:
O texto foi ontem publicado com o nome errado do autor. Feita a correção, o CRESCER pede desculpa ao Hugo Nunes pelo lapso.

1 comentário:

Susana Moreira disse...

Congrats for your article on fitting in! We all need to feel welcome and loved regardless of our religion, race, gender, sexual orientation...
I hope everyone follows your tips because tolerance is the key word for a better world.
Keep on writing and sharing your points of view!