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quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2022

"Take a minute, take five!"

Mais um texto de alunos, curiosidade cultural, subcategoria "Did you know? Now you know", proposta da Sofia Santos, 10.º C.

  Scotland - kilt

Why do Scottish men wear skirts?

Everyone knows that it's not common to see men wearing skirts, but in Scotland it changes a little, and besides, it's very common for male people to wear this type of clothing, especially if it's checkered in red and black.

This “skirt” worn by the Scots has a specific name: Kilt, which is an adaptation of a wool tunic known as a plaid. By the end of the XIV century, the kilt was already used by a good part of the Gaelic people who lived in Ireland at that time.

But why do the Scots use it, too?
Well, with the migration of the Gaels to the Highlands region, which is located in the north and west of Scotland, the piece ended up being adopted by the people of that region. Because it is a humid and rainy region, these kilts ended up serving as protection against humidity and cold for those who wore them.

The origin of the name “Kilt” comes from the fact that the garment is attached to the body as a kind of cloak, after all, the translation of this term in the ancient Scottish language means “to attach a garment to the body”. It was only in the XVIII century that the kilt began to be used by the Scots, even this format was created by themselves.

In the following century, the kilt was adopted as a national symbol and today it is used by all Scots and even by citizens of other countries, such as those of England. The costume is commonly used at formal parties, fashion events and by the audience at sports games.

Sofia Santos, 10.ºC
cortesia de envio de Constância Silva, docente de Inglês e colaboradora do CRESCER

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