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terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2022

"Take a minute, take five!"

Mais um texto de alunos, curiosidade cultural, subcategoria "Did you know? Now you know", proposta de Ana Rita Santos, 10º B.

                                                          Easter Island (Ilha de Páscoa), Chile

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is a territory of Chile that is located in the southern Pacific Ocean.

It is a triangular volcanic island with an area of approximately 170 km2.

This island has several mysteries. Its capital is Hanga Roa, where most of its inhabitants live. This island has 4,000 inhabitants. Before becoming part of the territory of Chile in 1888, it had been under Spanish rule since 1770.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, the civilization that inhabited the place was called Rapa Nui. They had a hieroglyphic writing called rongo-rongo or rongorongo. Some of the mysteries about this island are related to why this civilization has disappeared and not how they built the nearly 900 Moais, the immense statues with human forms carved in volcanic rock, which are scattered around the island. These gigantic sculptures are between 3 and 20 meters high, and their weight can reach tons.

Ana Rita Santos, 10.º B
cortesia de envio de Constância Silva, docente de Inglês e colaboradora do CRESCER

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