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 Mais uma sugestão, desta feita de Tiago Ferreira, 9º. G, , na subcategoria "Fun corner / Chill out time".

                                                                                      Film: Rush Hour

"Rush Hour" is a 1998 American martial arts action-comedy film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as Inspector Lee and Detective Carter, respectively. The franchise's next success led to it securing two sequels, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3.

There are 2 main characters: Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan): Lee is a skilled Hong Kong police officer known for his martial arts skills. He is sent to Los Angeles to help solve a case and ends up becoming one of the series' protagonists. Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker): Carter is a Los Angeles police detective who is initially not very happy with the idea of having to work with Lee. However, throughout the series, the two end up becoming partners and friends.

Plot of the film: A Chinese diplomat's daughter is kidnapped in Los Angeles and the consul calls Inspector Lee in Hong Kong to help the FBI with the case. The American agency doesn't care about Lee and leaves him aside at the Los Angeles Police Department, asking Detective James Carter to keep an eye on him. Although Lee and Carter can't stand each other, they decide to work together to solve the case alone when they discover they have been abandoned by the FBI and the police. They discover that the diplomat's daughter was kidnapped by the same man Lee chased at the beginning of the film (Juntão). Lee and Carter try to uncover clues about the child's kidnapping, but Carter was not as focused on the kidnapping as Detective Lee.


Awards and nominations


• ALMA Awards 1999

o Winner: best actress in a film (Elizabeth Peña)

• BMI film and TV Awards 1999

the Winner: BMI film music award (Lalo Schifrin)

• Blockbuster entertainment awards 1999

the Winner: favorite action/adventure duo (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker)

o nomination: favorite supporting actress-action/adventure (Elizabeth Peña)

• Bogey Awards (Germany) 1999

the Winner: Bogey Awards in Silver

• Golden Screen (Germany) 1999

the Winner: Golden Screen

• Grammy Awards 1999

o Nomination: best instrumental composition written for a film or television (Lalo Schifrin)

• NAACP Image Awards 1999

o Nomination: best actor in a film (Chris Tucker)

• Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (United States) 1999

o Nomination: favorite film actor (Blimp Award) (Chris Tucker)

• MTV Movie Awards 1999

o Winner: best on-screen duo (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker)[11]

o Nomination: best comedy performance (Chris Tucker)

o Nomination: best fight (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker) (For the fight against the Chinese gang)

o Nomination: best song and film (Jay-Z) (For Can I Get A…

Rush Hour (soundtrack)

"War" by Edwin Starr was used as the film's ending theme. The film's soundtrack features the single "Can I Get A..." by Jay-Z, Ja Rule and Amil, as well as tracks by Flesh-n-Bone, Wu-Tang Clan, Dru Hill, Charli Baltimore and Montell Jordan

The official soundtrack album was also a success, certified platinum on January 21, 1999.



For me, this film was incredible in every detail, whether it was music, scenery, authors or even lighting. This film is fantastic, an incredible comedy/action film. I really liked the casting - Jackie Chan, because I think his films are incredible and also actor Chris Tucker.

The rating for this film is 10/10.                                                                                                                                                   Tiago Ferreira, 9ºG

                                                                                                                                  cortesia de envio de Constância Silva, docente de Inglês e colaboradora do CRESCER

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