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quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2020

Portobello Road Market is coming to Escola Secundária de Águas Santas

    Those who know or have already gone to London have surely heard of the Portobello Road Market that opens every Saturday. There you can find a variety of antiquities and second-hand items. However, Portobello Road Market is more than just a place where we buy and sell things, it has become a historical place that teaches us more about the English culture.
     With that said, you are invited to visit our own Portobello Road Market, right here in our school, on Thursday, the 23rd, opened all day. Come and buy all types of objects from mugs to accessories, for a really small price! While you are buying new things for yourself, you are also helping your schoolmates with special needs.

      We will be waiting for you!           

cortesia de Ayla Murata, number 7 e Maria Mendes, number 19 – 10thG

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