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domingo, 27 de maio de 2018

a journey of insanity

Na Semana das Artes, o Projeto de Cinema exibiu alguns filmes que foram vistos por muitos alunos e professores.
Como na disciplina de Inglês se trabalha o texto jornalístico,  a professora Eugénia Fernandes solicitou aos seus alunos de 10º ano que escrevessem uma notícia sobre um evento que tivesse acontecido na escola. Aqui segue um exemplar. 

The Scholar

Students go on a journey of insanity

On May 14th two 10th grade classes from the school of Águas Santas were taken to the auditorium to enjoy an award-winning film.

This marvel depicts the peculiar life and death of Vincent van Gogh, a renowned artist from the 19th century. The protagonist, Armand Roulin, is tasked with the delivery of a letter from Vincent, who had already died by the time the letter got to Armand. He tries to figure out what led to the suicide of van Gogh, by interviewing people who met Vincent prior to his death. He acquires some insight into what happened, but many questions go unanswered.

The art shown throughout the film pays homage to van Gogh’s art movement, which was post-impressionism. The stunning art works were made by a team of 100 painters and it nearly took them 7 years to complete.
To celebrate the annual Art Week a movie session was organized for the students, in which the acclaimed “Loving Vincent” was played. The teachers who managed to pull this together broke the cycle of reciting poems around the school, resulting in a breath of fresh air for everyone.

Through the beautiful imagery the students gazed upon his amazing art movement. With this film, the pupils learned about the famous artist that was treated like an insane person because, as the story goes, he cut his own ear off. Although the film on its own was satisfying, the finale ended up raising even more questions about his death, which led to debates out of the auditorium.

A new spin on Art Week, and a welcome one that may lead teachers to come up with even better, and more exciting activities for their students.

Made by: David, Diogo Velho, José Mota and Tiago Nogueira
P.S. Este trabalho foi realizado no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês a propósito de uma melhor compreensão da estrutura de um artigo jornalístico.                                       

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